Prospective future Candidates

Born Free (without debt) - it's ours way of life, but we are losing

Start today by encouraging your Candidate of choice to run for office in the upcoming election cycle, by building campaign funds that can be used to restore our freedom.

War Chest is Defined as - funds gathered together to meet the expense of an upcoming campaign.

Gov. Mike Huckabee

Past Governor of Arkansas,  very likely candidate for the 2012

Gov. Huckabee's Blog (Click Here)

Donate - Encourage him to run in 2012 - Earmark option is available. 


Gov. Sarah Palin

Current Governor of Alaska, very likely candidate for the 2012

Blog on Gov. Palins activities..

Donate - Encourage her to run in 2012 - Earmark option is available.

Other site to visit:


Gov. Mitt Romney

Past Governor of Massachusetts, very likely candidate for the 2012

Gov. Romney's Blog.

Donate - Encourage him to run in 2012 - Earmark option is available.


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