Our History


It was after the conclusion of the 2008 presidential election, the founder of this web site, recognized a person with common sense who values the rights we as Americans should be able to expect. He believes this person is destined for greatness in the history of our country.  

Being of a “Free American Citizen” mind-set and believing strongly in the "Free Enterprise System,” this person acted independently to set up a process to financially support his candidate to run for the white house in the next election! He acquired a web site domain name and began to set up a web site. . . .

He very quickly learned that his freedom of support for anyone was regulated! . . . By law, no Free American Citizen is allowed to merely go out and secure funds in behalf of anyone without complying with the Federal Elections Committee (FEC) laws and guidelines!

After spending several weeks reading the FEC laws, it was soon discovered that even though he wanted to operate as a free individual citizen in support of a “clearly identified potential candidate,” the law forced him to create a PAC (Political Action Committee). His belief in this candidate motivated him to comply with all the regulations and create this PAC for which the domain name Free American Citizens.Org was available and acquired.