Earmarked Funds


What are Earmarked funds and how do they work?


Same as in Congress, funds are placed into "Earmarked" accounts to be released/used at a predetermined time.

Free American Citizens (FAC) operating as a non-connected committee is allowed to encourage and raise funds for "clearly identified potential candidates", upon their announcement to run for office, those funds will be forwarded to their committee with a detailed list of names showing who made the contribution and when it was received. (FEC Requirements) Should a candidate not run or refuse these funds, then they are redirected according to the control of the donor. This is located within a contributors' profile as a redirect option, it is defaulted to FAC, but the donor may change this setting at anytime.

Why not just give it to the person with whom I support?

A potential candidate campaign's clock starts the moment they announce or receive campaign funds, which every occurs first.  A Non-connected Political Action Committee is the only committee allowed to raise public earmarked funds to encourage an individual to run for office.  

Per the FEC Laws, Free American Citizens, has installed a special account for holding "Earmarked" funds until they are release according to commitment.

Should additional information be needed... go to http://www.fec.gov .  Research - Nonconnected committees and Earmarked funds.

Thank you.