Born Free - the way it should be !



The right to choose has been passed down to us. We are the custodians of liberty. And with that right we understand the obligation of preservation of that liberty. We must take great care and choose wisely today who governs tomorrow. And be weary of those with something to gain by our relinquishment of liberty.

We [the people] should fund and promote our politicial candidates. So when we elect those who will represent us, we do it indifferent of the wishes of special interest groups and our media.

Our Mission

To provide a place where individuals or groups of individuals can use to build Earmarked Campaign Funds for their future candidate of choice. wants to put the political selection process in the hands of citizens. If you have a candidate you would like to promote please contact us.


Supporting your Candidate

Help support candidates who support freedom. Contributions and fund raisers help promote candidates that support freedom. Our fund raisers are governed by the rules of the Federal Election Commission. If you any question, concerns or suggestions please contact us.









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